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From Italy to the global stage, and from there to the vast universe, our objective is to provide ample space for ambitious and entrepreneurial ideas.
We handle everything internally: from the design and development to the assembly and testing of products that seamlessly blend reliability with top-notch performance. This commitment is a key reason why renowned international space agencies, including NASA, ESA, and ASI, choose to collaborate with us.
Engaging in daily collaboration with the Italian Space Agency and taking charge of coordinating specific space missions, our instruments and services contribute to enhancing the lives of astronauts aboard the International Space Station (ISS) and preparing for the future of space exploration.
All of this is made possible by a team propelled by youth and expertise‚ÄĒenthusiastic, well-trained, and open to innovation.
Our journey at Argotec commenced in 2008. After a decade of experience in the Folgore Paratroop Brigade and various aerospace roles across Europe, our CEO, David Avino, decided to focus on the realm of space. The journey began in his basement, progressed through the establishment of the first laboratory and collaboration with initial team members, all sharing the same passion.
After ten years, it culminated in the current headquarters located in Turin, via Cervino, and extended to overseas offices in Maryland, USA.

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