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Cesium originated in 2011 when a group of developers from Analytical Graphics, Inc. (now Ansys), under the leadership of computer graphics specialist Patrick Cozzi, embarked on a mission to develop an application for visualizing objects in space. This initiative resulted in the creation of the world’s most precise, efficient, and dynamically time-responsive virtual globe. Named “Cesium” in reference to the component renowned for the accuracy of atomic clocks, the project was openly released in 2012.
Simultaneously, the global expansion of 3D data collection created a demand for software capable of maximizing its potential. Recognizing the increasing use of 3D location data across various industries, Cozzi and the team identified an opportunity to extend the application of Cesium beyond the aerospace sector.
Cesium emerged as a standalone company in 2019 and currently provides the essential open platform for an interconnected geospatial ecosystem.
Offering a combination of open-source and commercially accessible software, the Cesium platform presents a comprehensive set of tools designed for constructing 3D geospatial applications for diverse purposes.

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