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Founded in 2017 by Stefan Powell, Jeroen Wink, Tobias Knop, James Powell and Robert Werner, Dawn is a purpose-driven space company.

Our talented team comprises over 130 people split 50/50 between the Netherlands and New Zealand, and sales in the USA.
To develop our space transportation network, we’re providing and developing several technologies – we’re a leading supplier of turnkey, green-propulsion systems for various classes of satellites. Our systems utilise safe, accessible propellants and have flown on Falcon 9, Vega and Soyuz rockets.

Beyond our well-established commercial offering of in-space propulsion, we continuously work on R&D programmes. Our Mk-II Aurora spaceplane demonstrator has completed 50 successful flights, and we recently completed the first campaign utilising rocket engines. Mk-II is unique in that it combines the performance of a rocket and the rapid reusability and economic model of an aircraft. While Mk-II is a technology demonstrator, it will also be used as a suborbital vehicle for climate and scientific payloads. Longer-term, Mk-II will inform the design of our orbital vehicle used to launch satellites, the Mk-III.

We envision a new era of human prosperity, driven by the boundless opportunity of Space to enhance life on Earth, and enabled by dramatically improved space transportation.Our mission is to accelerate the next generation of space users with scalable and sustainable ways to deliver the things they care about from Earth to Space, and from Space to everywhere else.

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