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ExoAnalytic Solutions, established in 2008 by three physicists with extensive careers, emerged as a response to their desire to make a meaningful impact. Initially excelling in developing state-of-the-art technology for ballistic missile target tracking and discrimination, they expanded their focus to address other national challenges, fostering a company centered on inventive technical innovation. In 2013, Exo successfully deployed the first commercial telescope network designed for real-time astrometric and photometric measurements of high-altitude, earth-orbiting satellites and debris. Presently, the ExoAnalytic Global Telescope Network (EGTN), recognized as the world’s largest optical telescope network, delivers unparalleled data availability, persistence, quality, and timeliness, meeting the needs of defense, intelligence, and commercial satellite operators.
Beyond their established space domain awareness solutions, Exo offers top-tier mission systems solutions to optimize sensor and weapon system performance. Additionally, the company provides transformative digital engineering and analysis solutions, informing force design and facilitating the acquisition of dominant weapon systems for decisive advantages in all-domain warfare. Committed to responsible practices, Exo emphasizes stewardship for employees, communities, and the American taxpayer. As an employee-owned company, every team member is personally invested in both the company’s success and that of their clients.

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