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In the crowded landscape of satellite communications, XTAR stands out with a unique mission and focus: operating as a commercial satellite operator while exclusively catering to military and government users.
Delivering connectivity within the X-band frequency range through two satellite payloads, XTAR ensures full MILSATCOM compatibility. This makes it well-suited for military enterprise communications, special operations missions, intelligence gathering, and border security.
Equipped with high-powered 72 MHz transponders and offering global, fixed, and steerable beams, XTAR provides over 4 GB of cost-effective, flexible, and secure X-band capacity.
In 2019, Hisdesat announced plans to construct additional satellites, expanding XTAR’s service to include the X, Mil-Ka, and UHF frequency bands. With these next-generation satellites currently in the planning stages, XTAR is positioned to serve government and military needs for decades to come.
Established in 2001, XTAR is privately owned, with majority shareholder Loral Space & Communications Inc. and minority shareholder Hisdesat Servicios Estratégicos S.A.

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