Design Assurance Specialist

December 27, 2023
Application ends: August 31, 2024

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Job Description


  • You will lead design assurance activities, directly reporting to our Chief Engineer, challenging the different groups such as Product Development or Production to – ensure they deliver the world’s most reliable, best performing and cost-effective terminals. This will also require you to establish systems of knowledge management and design guidelines;
  • You and your team will be the internal design assurance authority for the company, responsible for the review and approval of Product Development processes and technical documentation;
  • You will support Requirements Management, and the sign-off of requirements;
  • You will help develop the Product Development processes and best practice, coordinating design and handover reviews to ensure that the product is mature enough to move on to the next stage and that all risks and open work is identified;
  • You will support with technical expertise and guidance for the design teams during development. You will coordinate technical training and onboarding activities for technical staff, working with Human Resources, training manager(s) and Works Council as appropriate to develop employees and to meet personnel goals;
  • As part of the team, you will coordinate design, verification, and test reviews, risk reviews, and similar technical reviews, stage gates, design freezes and lessons learned;
  • You and your team will act as focal point representing the Quality Management function towards engineering teams and support them in meeting quality objectives;
  • Support the continuous improvement of quality system and business processes;
  • Ensure product safety, through review of safety analyses, FMECAs, and fault trees and lead failure investigation boards;
  • You and your team will define and own the company-wide Configuration Management, Risk Management, Non-Conformance, and Change Management processes. You and your team members will be the second set of eyes ensuring that complex non-conformances are dispositioned properly and don’t result in sending faulty terminals to our customers.


  • Bachelor’s or advanced degree in aerospace engineering, mechanical engineering, quality management, or a related field;
  • 2+ years of experience in quality assurance, design assurance, or a related role within the aerospace industry;
  • Proficiency in design verification and validation testing and quality control processes;
  • Strong knowledge of aerospace quality standards, regulations, and best practices;
  • Excellent problem-solving and analytical skills, particularly in risk assessment and root cause analysis;
  • Very good communication skills combined with a solid command of written and spoken English are essential, German is an asset;
  • A commitment to maintaining the highest standards of quality and safety in aerospace products.