Photonic Integrated Circuits Development Engineer

December 30, 2023
Application ends: August 31, 2024

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Job Description

• Engage in cutting-edge projects centred around PIC systems: from conceptual work to detailed design, analysis and optimization;
• Perform testing and characterization tasks for photonic systems, both integrated and table-top, within an R&D Photonics laboratory setting;
• Working with foundries, packaging partners and suppliers;
• Take part in simulation and layout activities.
• Bachelor of Science or Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering, Physics or related field with experience or extensive; classwork in design, fabrication, and/or characterization of optoelectronic components and photonic integrated circuits;
• Strong understanding of optical, electrical, and thermal properties of passive and active devices and materials;
• Experience with photonic simulation tools (e.g., mode solvers, FDTD, beam propagation) and electronic-photonic design and layout tools is desirable;
• Experience with the design and layout of electronic-photonic integrated circuits for fabrication in commercial and/or research foundries is a plus;
• Knowledge of electronic-photonic fabrication processes (e.g., lithography, deposition, etching) is a plus;
• Knowledge of electrical and optical characterization as well as packaging techniques;
• Excellent documentation and communication skills, and be able to work both independently and in a dynamic multi-discipline team environment;
• Good written and spoken English communication skills.