Senior DSP Engineer

Application ends: August 31, 2024

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Job Description

The candidate will work as part of a team of engineers to develop radio embedded solutions for space communications systems. She or he will support the implementation of DSP (Digital Signal Processing) algorithms in programmable devices (FPGAs). The following task will be assigned to the candidate:
• Design digital communication systems using platforms including software defined radios (SDRs) and FPGAs;
• Functional modelling of DSP algorithms and their implementation in RTL (Verilog/VHDL) or high-level languages (C/C++);
• Support the evolution of our custom space-tailored radio platforms.

Main languages/technologies used:
• Verilog/SystemVerilog;
• Yosys/Xilinx Vivado;
• Python;
• C/C++;
• GNURadio.

Examples of existing applications already developed by Alén Space:
• DVB-S2 transmitter in Verilog;
• ADS-B receiver in Verilog;
• AIS receiver, hybrid between FPGA (VHF channelizer) and CPU (GNURadio/C++);
• Proprietary M2M modem implemented in C.

Preferred Qualifications and Skills
The candidate must have a Bachelor or Master’s degree in Telecommunication, Computer Science, Software or equivalent engineering degree.

The required experience and skills are:
• Expertise in developing signal processing algorithms for communication systems in Python, C/C++ or Matlab using both floating point and fixed-point design techniques;
• Experience in migrating modeled algorithms to implementations in FPGAs or SDR frameworks;
• Understanding of RF concepts such as AGC, noise figure, power amplifiers, phase noise, PLL, oscillators/mixers.
It will be also desirable the following qualifications and skills:
• Expertise with Software-Defined Radios (SDR) frameworks such as GNU Radio;
• Experience with Xilinx Zynq or Xilinx Zynq UltraScale+ series FPGAs, Analog Devices AD9361, and other common RF chipsets;
• Some experience with Python or other scripting languages is desirable;
• Knowledge of coding theory and techniques: LDPC, Turbo codes;
• Good English language skills (level B1 or higher).