Senior R&D Engineer

December 31, 2023
Application ends: August 31, 2024

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Job Description

Our Engineering Team is looking for a senior R&D engineer, who is excited about our mission and able to support new technology and product developments for CubeSats and micro-satellites in Earth’s orbit and deep-space.
The role is focused on the execution and coordination of projects with a high degree of innovation, executed in the frame of the activities performed by the Research and Development unit. These projects include the design and qualification of avionic systems beyond the state of the art for small satellites, the execution of feasibility studies (phase 0, A), the application of disruptive technologies such as AI and additive manufacturing to commercial and science missions.
Based out of Argotec’s headquarter in Turin, the Senior R&D Engineer will be part of an integrated R&D group that is responsible for the development of new products and study and analysis of new mission concepts. You will support the R&D unit by solving multi-disciplinary design problems related to new missions, new product development, new technologies applied to small satellites
• Master’s degree in Aerospace/Electronical/Computer Science engineering or equivalent experience
• At least 5 years of working experience focused on space systems
• High flexibility and team-working skills
• Knowledge of the space development process for low TRL activities
• Knowledge of the main elements of small spacecraft systems (CubeSat and microsat) and main spacecraft architectures
• Awareness of the state-of-art of small satellites’ technology and main space technology trends
• Familiarity with the most relevant space standards, including ECSS
• Hands-on experience in space hardware development
• Familiarity with space missions and technologies project life cycles
• Strong analytical and problem-solving skills to address complex engineering challenges
• Ability to analyze and interpret data, simulations, and test results
• Phd in Aerospace/Electronical/Computer Science engineering
• Previous experience in technology development projects as technical leader (either for internal developments or funded activities)
• Previous experience in technical proposal writing in the frame on national or European projects
• Demonstrated experience applying continuous improvement concepts and tools
• Knowledge of agile and lean methodologies